Is a Clogged Drain an Emergency?

A Clogged Kitchen Sink.

Is a clogged drain an emergency?

While a clogged drain is often a minor problem that can be easily resolved, in some cases it can become an emergency requiring a professional for drain cleaning. If you have any flooding, for instance, that’s a definite sign of clogged drains, and can lead from a simple overflow to a sewage back up. When you have recurring clogs, even if clean your drains regularly you may also want to call in a professional. Multiple clogs are a definite reason to get a professional. This is often an indication of a clog in your main drain system that requires a plumber with the right skills and tools to get the clog cleared. 

While it’s common to see your water drain slowly when there is a clog, you can usually use a plunger and drain cleaner to clear it. If this doesn’t work, a professional with a plumber’s snake or auger, might be the solution to getting the water flowing again. If you’re hearing gurgling noises or if foul smells are coming from the drains you probably have a serious clog, possibly a sewer problem. Black sludge coming up also indicates a serious clog that could be create a health hazard.

Whether you have a plumbing emergency or a basic clog, if you want to have a professional drain cleaning service clear the clog, count on the team at Woolace & Johnson. We will get your clogs cleared safely and effectively. Get help today by calling 419-546-8424.

How do plumbers unclog drains?

When plumbers come out to unclog your drains, they apply their skills and use special tools to get it cleared. For major clogs, plumbers have two major tools they can use to unclog your drains:

  • Motorized drain auger: A motorized auger or drain snake, which is a large metal coil, gets sent down into the drain until it hits  the clog. The motor drills the coil into the clog until it breaks up.
  • Hydro-jetter: This device uses a hose and directional nozzle to send high-powered jets of water blast through the drain to clean it, washing away all debris and material clinging to the drainpipe.

How often should drains be cleaned?

Regular maintenance is good for all areas of the house including your plumbing. Drain cleaning should be a part of your regular maintenance, and it’s recommended that you have your drains cleaned about every two years. This is especially true if you have an older home to clear out any muck that’s collected over time. Regular cleaning keeps your drains clear of clogs.

While regular maintenance will keep your clogs cleared, to keep your commercial building cool and energy efficient you may want to consider a cool roofing solution.

How much does drain cleaning cost?

For simple clogs, you may only need to spring for a plunger and some kind of drain cleaner, although we don’t recommend strong chemical cleaners that can damage pipes over time. For serious clogs, however, you probably want to call a plumber for drain cleaning. For clogs in tubs, showers or bathroom or kitchen sinks or toilets, you can expect to pay anywhere between $110 to $215, whereas cleaning out a laundry drain will cost about $150. Major clogs in your sewer line will cost a little bit more. Sewer drain cleaning will cost between $200 to $400.

What is a drain cleaning snake

A drain cleaning snake or plumber’s snake or auger is a device used to clear drains of clogs. These devices consist of a coiled metal wire and either a crank or motor to send the wire through the drain. The coiled wire is sent through the drain and drills through the clog to break it up.

Drain bladder vs snake

A drain bladder is another device plumbers use for drain cleaning, and is used in certain circumstances over a drain snake. Certain kinds of clogs like grease clogs may not be wholly cleaned using a snake. The bladder forces water through the system under high pressure to clear the clog. It’s attached to a water hose and filled with water. As it fills with water, it expands and then the water is released to scour the drain and clean it. The bladder can also be used in conjunction with a drain snake. The bladder is used first to clear as much of the clog as possible, and then the snake is run through the drain afterward to finish up.

Does baking soda unclog drains?

For minor clogs, a mixture of baking soda and vinegar can be used to clean the drain. To clean the drain, hot water is first poured down it, followed by a solution of vinegar and water (about 1 cup each) and baking soda. As the vinegar and baking soda bubbles, it loosens the clog. Insert the drain plug for about 5 to 10 minutes before flushing with boiling water. The process may need to be repeated until the clog is cleared. 

What is the best drain cleaning product

Different drain cleaners are used for different kinds of clogs. Enzyme-based drain cleaners can be used monthly to clean out clogs caused by material like hair or paper but won’t clear out grease or soap scum. Alkaline based cleansers are best for grease, food, and soap scum. These cleansers turn the clogged material into a soap-like material that dissolves under water. Acidic cleansers use sulfuric or hydrochloric acid can clear just about any kind of clog within 15 minutes. These cleansers are highly corrosive and toxic, and not often sold with other drain cleaners. Frequent use of strong chemical cleaners can affect your pipes, in particular those made from aluminum chrome, stainless steel or galvanized steel.

A Plumber Uses a Manual Drain Snake to Unclog a Sink.

Drain cleaning near me

When you have a major clog and want a reliable professional for drain cleaning in Stryker, Bryan, and Napoleon, OH, get in touch with Woolace & Johnson. We will get your drains cleared effectively and safely. Give us a call at 419-546-8424 to get help quickly.