Dependable Emergency Plumbing

A woman attempts to clean up before emergency plumbing repairs.

We can fix burst pipes and backed up drains quickly

If you need emergency plumbing repairs in the Stryker, Bryan, and Napoleon, OH area, contact Woolace & Johnson at 419-546-8424, and we can be there at your earliest convenience. We offer emergency plumbing repairs service 24 hours a day, seven days a week to offer better service to someone who really needs it. Whether it’s a burst pipe or a sewage backup, our expert plumbers can be on the scene and take control of the situation so you don’t have to worry about it. We can diagnose the problem and work with you to figure out what the best course of action to minimize damage to your property.

Plumbing Emergencies and Prevention Tips

Plumbing emergencies can be incredibly stressful. They never happen when you expect them to, and almost always cause some level of property damage. Pipes burst and spray water everywhere. Sewer lines get clogged and cause sewage to back up into your home, which is unsanitary and disgusting. Gas leaks are a cause for immediate emergency plumbing repairs, because natural gas is a major health hazard and prone to exploding if it becomes trapped in an enclosed space. Extreme leaks can cause damage to your walls and ceiling, as well as create a good environment for mold to grow. Sometimes you can’t avoid these problems. Shifting soil can add pressure to pipes and cause them to burst, and frozen pipes cause water trapped inside to expand and break the pipes. Tree roots seek out the water in your sewer drains, and eventually may find their way into the plumbing. A sharp impact on your gas line can cause a pinhole leak. But many of these problems can be prevented with simple inspections, general service, and preventative maintenance.

Most plumbing experts agree that home and business owners should have their plumbing inspected and serviced every 2 years, and you should check your natural gas line either every year or every six months. This service includes checking water pressure, examining for clogs, a thorough cleaning to prevent corrosion buildup, and other forms of treatment. For more information about how to prevent the need for emergency plumbing repairs in Stryker, Bryan, and Napoleon, OH, call the plumbing experts of Woolace & Johnson at 419-546-8424 and set up an appointment today!

Local Emergency Plumbing Repairs

A plumber conducts emergency plumbing repairs on a busted sink.

Our team can handle any size of plumbing emergency life throws at you.

If you come home to an overflowing toilet or a burst pipe, don’t panic! First, turn off your water. This will help you minimize how much water and sewage is allowed to flood into your home. If the pipe is burst in your wall, it will help prevent potential structural damage. Then contact an emergency plumbing repairs service you can trust. When you call Woolace & Johnson, you’re hiring over 85 years of emergency plumbing experience, as well as the most trusted name in the Stryker, Bryan, and Napoleon, OH area.

All of our plumbers are completely certified and capable of handling your plumbing emergency quickly and efficiently. Our local plumbers are constantly training for the newest technological advances in emergency plumbing repair techniques. We’ve got you covered, no matter how big or small your emergency is. We show up when we’re expected, use our experience to determine the problems and the right solution, and offer you the best price with our honest assessment. It’s our hope to do such a quality job diagnosing and repairing your problem that you come to use for all of your HVAC and plumbing needs in the future. If you require emergency plumbing repairs in Stryker, Bryan, and Napoleon, OH, shut off your water and call Woolace & Johnson at 419-546-8424 for quality service you can count on.