Water Heater Repair

Hot water heater repairs can turn into hot water heater replacements if you let small issues persist.

Our licensed experts can perform any hot water heater repairs you may need.

If you have questions about your water heater or water heater repair in the Stryker, Bryan, and Napoleon, OH area, call the certified plumbers of Woolace & Johnson at 419-546-8424 to get the answers you need. The water heater works hard to ensure that your home has all of the hot water it needs. It produces hot water for bathing, washing dishes, washing clothes, and everything else you can use hot water for. It’s something most people can take for granted after a while. The only time some homeowners notice hot water is when it goes out. If you step in the shower and the water just won’t get warm, you may have a problem with your water heater.

Potential Water Heater Problems

The average lifespan of a water heater is approximately 10-12 years. Other factors in life span include the conditions of the water heater, usage, and type of water here. If your water heater is brand new and having problems, then it’s time to examine it for problems.

  • Water Heater Leaking This is a serious issue that should be addressed by a professional as soon as possible. Leaks can develop anywhere in the tank, but most can be repaired.
  • Loud Noises Random sounds from your water heater can be a few things. It can be your pipes expanding and contracting, which is completely normal. However, it can also be indicative of a leak, excess pressure in the tank, or calcium buildup and scaling from hard water.
  • Dirty / Smelly Water Rusty water can mean there is corrosion in your water heater. Off color water can be scale buildup throughout the tank as well. Smelly water can point to an anode rod that needs replacing. Any of these issues points to the need for a professional water heater repair service.
  • Not Enough Hot Water If there isn’t a reasonable amount of hot water, this could mean the factory setting of the internal thermostat needs to be adjusted, or that it is faulty and needs to be replaced. It can be the same thing if the water gets too hot.

Types of Water Heater Repair

There are multiple kinds of water heaters, so there are multiple kinds of water heater leak repair. Knowing the pros and cons of each type will help you decide what direction to go in when you eventually have to replace your hot water heater.

Electric Water Heater Repair

Electric Water Heaters offer several benefits. Since they don’t rely on natural gas lines, there is never a chance of a natural gas leak. You’ll never have to worry about your water heater potentially leaking fumes that will poison you or blow up your home. That being said, they increase the cost of your electric bill. They run on electricity, so they’ll need access to the grid to heat water.

The primary problem a homeowner could run into with an electric water heater is power failure. While normal wear and tear problems, like leaking pipes or corrosion, can occur, it is more likely that a tripped switch or breaker problem can cause part of the water heater to short out.

Gas Water Heater Repair

Gas water heaters offer a solid alternative to electric water heaters. For people who want to spend less money month-to-month and who can also do their gas line preventative maintenance every year, this may be the best option. Like the electric water heater, gas hot water heater repair can be performed pretty quickly.

While components can fail, removing damaged components doesn’t take long in comparison with the tankless water heater. Also, initial investments are cheaper than tankless, and overall prices are cheaper than electric. This option carries risks because it needs to be connected to your homes natural gas line. This carries additional risks that the other models don’t.

Tankless Water Heater Repair

Tankless water heaters are also known as “on-demand” water heaters. They heat your water when you want or need it, not randomly throughout the day while it is stored in a tank. Tankless water heaters require a higher initial investment, but will save most homes money in the long run. These water heaters take up less space than electric or gas water heaters because they don’t have a storage tank.

Besides the higher initial investment, the tankless water heater can also have some of the same problems that other water heaters have. While slightly rarer, hard water can still cause sediment buildup. The exhaust or air supply can become blocked. Some of the parts of the unit are slightly harder to get to, but trained experts should have no problem fixing any issues you have with your tankless water heater.

Emergency Water Heater Repair

If you are concerned that you may need emergency water heater repair, give us a call! If your unit is leaking and it’s getting worse, this is a sign that something serious could be wrong. The longer you wait to get your water heater repaired, the worse the issue could become. A burst water heater tank is in the top five causes of water damage to homes in the United States. If the water heater tank in your home in Stryker, Bryan, and Napoleon, OH bursts, first shut off the water, then contact the professional plumbers of Woolace & Johnson at 419-546-8424, no matter the time of day, to get the emergency plumbing services you need.

Water Heater Installation

Water heater repairs can be performed if small issues are caught quickly

We can help if your water heater repairs turn into a water heater replacement.

After seeing the pros and cons of each of the individual types of water heater, it’s up to you to decide which unit is right for you and your home. Each has its own benefits to bring to the table, and its own drawbacks. But once you’ve made your final decision, we’re available to help. Our team of certified plumbers is available to help you take your water heater, install it and test it for you to make sure you’re taken care. If something is wrong with your current water heater, and for whatever reason we can’t repair it, our experts can talk you through the replacement process as well. We can help you pick out which type of water heater is right for you and your home. If you need assistance in picking or installing a water heater for your home in Stryker, Bryan, and Napoleon, OH, contact Woolace & Johnson at 419-546-8424 to get the plumbing services you need.