Hose Bib Replacement Services

Hose bib replacements can damage your homes exterior if not performed properly.

We can replace your damaged hose bib quickly without damaging your home.

Not everyone calls it the same thing. Your hose bib is just your outdoor faucet, but some people know it as the sillcock, hose spigot, or hydrant. Almost every home has one, as it is required for most plumbing codes, but chances are you have more than one. Outdoor faucets are how you get water from your plumbing to outdoor areas of your home. They’re almost always threaded so a homeowner can attach a hose, which is where the name comes from. This is how people who don’t have built-in sprinkler systems connected to their plumbing can water their lawns. But while hose bibs have their uses, they can also present problems. For more information on the proper care for the hose bibs on your home in Stryker, Bryan, and Napoleon, OH, contact the plumbers of Woolace & Johnson at 419-546-8424, and we can set up an inspection appointment.

Outdoor Plumbing Experts

Your hose bibs can become damaged in few different ways. Hose bibs that are installed incorrectly will become damaged with use over time. Parts won’t sit properly, the seal inside of the hose bib could become broken, or the threading could become stripped. The primary concern is from a hose bib becoming frozen. There are many do-it-yourself videos on how to winter-proof your hose bib. We’re only human, though, and sometimes we forget, or the winter-proofing we set up for our outdoor faucets can fail. If that happens, chances are that you’ll need a hose bib replacement. If you leave your hose bib damaged for too long without replacing it, you can begin to develop other plumbing problems.

We’re the team you can turn to! Our certified plumbers can have the replacement hose bib out to you quickly, and know how to change them out efficiently. Even if your hose bib access is behind a second layer, we can replace it with minimal damage to your home itself.  Since improper installation is one of the most common reasons a home needs a hose bib replacement, we recommend hiring a certified professional so you don’t find yourself repeating the same process within a few months. If you or someone you know in the Stryker, Bryan, and Napoleon, OH area needs a hose bib replacement or inspection, contact the plumbers of Woolace & Johnson at 419-546-8424.