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For over 85 years, Woolace & Johnson has been the most trusted name for plumbing service or heating and air conditioning in Stryker, Bryan, and Napoleon, OH and surrounding areas. We offer a wide array of services, from plumbing inspection and repair to air conditioning preventative maintenance and installation. We can do repiping jobs for entire homes, or fix the broken coil in your furnace. We carry the tools and small parts necessary for small and independent sized plumbing and HVAC jobs to our appointments. This helps us make diagnose and complete smaller repairs faster. This helps us fulfill our promise of arriving on time to scheduled appointments, not giving you a time range that we may or may not show up during. If you’re in the Stryker, Bryan, and Napoleon, OH and would like to know more about what we can do for you, give the experts of Woolace & Johnson a call at 419-546-8424.

Woolace & Johnson
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Contact Us for Expert Plumbing and HVAC Service

Stop worrying about whether the contractor you hire is going to be able to perform the inspections, repairs, or replacement that you need. Our reviews speak for themselves, or you can contact us and ask us directly. Our team of local plumbers and HVAC specialists are constantly re-training to stay up to date on the most modern techniques for plumbing, heating, and air conditioning.

We’re a business local to Stryker, Bryan, and Napoleon, OH, and as such we’re able to specialize in problems specific to this area. We can offer you the quality service you need if your pipes freeze during the winter. Renters, homeowners, and business owners in the surrounding areas can call on us for quality plumbing services or expert heating and air conditioning service. You can check our reviews or call us yourself at 419-546-8424 and ask if we’re the right expert plumbers for you.

We are you certified local plumbers for the Stryker, Bryan, and Napoleon, OH area, and are focused on building lifetime relationships with people in the area. We’re focused on constantly learning more and staying up-to-date on the latest plumbing practices. We continue to expand on our knowledge of heating and air conditioning services as well. If you or someone you know is looking for a team of highly trained and certified plumbers in Stryker, Bryan, and Napoleon, OH, call Woolace & Johnson at 419-546-8424 to talk about the services we can provide for you.