What happens during HVAC maintenance?

HVAC system outside

Why is HVAC maintenance so important?

Seems like there are articles and blogs everywhere you look about this topic. HVAC maintenance and cleaning of the system is important for the efficiency of the unit, the lifespan of the unit, and the biggest thing you may notice right away, the savings in your utilities.  

What kind of HVAC maintenance plan is needed to achieve those three things; how do you maintain an HVAC system? Here is a summary of what you need to schedule for yourself  to get the longest life and the most efficient service from your system:

  • As the homeowner, your HVAC maintenance most important thing is the air filter. Change it or clean it, depending if you have the one and done style or the reusable style, at least every thirty days. This should be done all year long because your HVAC system is sucking in the air from your home all year, not just in the summer. 
  • The next thing you need to add to your HVAC maintenance checklist is cleaning the coils once a month when you change or clean the air filter. You can do this with the brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner or a clean soft rag. Either way, make sure the unit is off.
  • Last but not least important is the outside component of your HVAC maintenance duties. Keep the grass and weeds cleared out from around it, and any trash that gets sucked up against it. Check the refrigerant lines that run between it and the house. If you notice the weather wrapping is torn or gone, if you see anything leaking from it, call your HVAC repair technician. 
  • Speaking of HVAC technician, another duty to add to your HVAC maintenance is to have it professionally serviced at least once a year.  An experienced, trained technician is able to get inside the system further than you can and clean the fan and motor, check the belts and the refrigerant level. 

How often should HVAC be serviced?

As we mentioned above, Your HVAC system should be inspected, and a tune-up done by a professional no less than once every twelve months. A heat pump system should be inspected with a tune-up performed every six months. First time of the year in late spring, preparing for the hot summer heat arrival. The second time of the year the first part of fall, preparing for winter’s cold arrival.  This schedule will get you in before the “rush” of other homeowners and keeping this routine, along with your own homeowner HVAC maintenance plan, it will keep emergency repairs down to a minimum, maybe even eliminated! 

What is included in HVAC tune up?

A standard, professional HVAC tune-up includes three basic steps for the technician: 

  • Inspection
  • Cleaning
  • Service

Repairs may be included, that is up to the HVAC service company standards and the technician’s decision based on the problem detected and the homeowner’s agreement. 

  • The Inspection: The HVAC service technician will inspect all components of the equipment. This includes checking the wear and tear, check and clean the drain pan, check the refrigerant levels, the compressor, motor and make sure all components are in working condition. 
  • The  Cleaning: A thorough cleaning will be done that goes beyond your homeowner maintenance duties of changing or cleaning air filter, cleaning the coils, and keep grass and weeds away from the outside component. 
  • The HVAC Service: This step is the where you get your value on an annual inspection and tune up. If the technician detects any problems or possible problems with the air conditioning or heating functions, they will make any corrections they can. If they see there are parts to be replaced, or the system needs refrigerant added, they will discuss this with you, quoting you the cost, and move forward with the repair if you agree. 

How many years does HVAC last?

The lifespan of an HVAC system can be dependent on the brand and quality of the system. How well you keep it maintained and follow through with the professional inspection and tune-ups also have an impact on the lifespan.  With all things done as recommended you can get up to twenty years from your HVAC system. 

HVAC system getting serviced

Should I repair or replace my HVAC system?

If the technician advises you that your HVAC system is gone, or will soon be, you’ll understand the importance of the HVAC maintenance facts that we’ve shared with you. For now, you’re probably wondering if another repair is worthwhile, or should you go ahead with a replacement unit. 

Consider the ROI. A new HVAC replacement is not cheap, but the initial expense will be a money saver going forward because it will be a better operation mode, giving you another 20 years of service.  A repair to the current unit could only get you 2 more years, maybe less. Call 419-546-8424 today for your HVAC maintenance needs.