Woolace & Johnson has always been up to date in technology, which is why we install and service geothermal systems in Defiance and surrounding areas. Geothermal heating and cooling systems can provide incredible energy savings for customers and they have a longer lifespan than traditional split systems. You can install geothermal systems in both new construction and residential replacement.

Tax Credits Still Available on Geothermal Systems

Geothermal systems are also still eligible for federal tax credits for Defiance area homeowners. You can received a 30% incentive for geothermal installations. This tax credit applies to the entire project, so there is no upper limit to the amount. This tax credit also applies to both new construction and residential replacements.

Types of Geothermal Systems

There are several types of geothermal systems that can be installed. Closed-loop systems circulate a liquid through a loop system of pipes that are underground. Open-loop systems utilize an existing water well or surface water.

Horizontal Loop System

This type of closed-loop system is sometimes used when a large amount of land is available. Pipes are placed in trenches that may run from 100-400 feet in length.

Vertical Loop System

This type of closed-loop geothermal system works well when there is not a large amount of land available. Deep wells are drilled down anywhere from 100-400 feet deep, and the pipes are dropped within the deep wells.

Pond or Lake Loops

This is a system where a large body of water is available to use. The bottom of a deep pond has a very stable temperature, and the coils of pipe are simply laid at the bottom of the pond or lake.

Well Water Systems

This is an open-loop system that uses the groundwater from a well as an energy source. This can be one of the most economical systems to install

Call Woolace & Johnson for any questions regarding a geothermal system. We are qualified to install and repair these types of systems, and they represent the most environmentally friendly systems to install. With the tax credit, the payback on this type of system can be as little as 7 years, which means you are achieving great utility savings for the remainder of the life span of the system. With an average age of around 24 years, this equals huge return on a geothermal investment.